You are not a fraud.

Lately, the grand Ofazomi has been in touch with a few demoralized peers, friends, and former students. Regardless of sub-discipline, the same self critical comments keep popping up. Let’s dispense with these, shall we?

1. You are NOT a fraud.You are NOT hiding in plain sight. It was NOT a mistake.

2. You are a motivated autodidact. What you want to know, you learn. What you have learned you are always improving through practice.

3. YES, you are insanely creative. YES, even if they hate your ideas. YES, even if your ideas suck. That is what thumbnails, maps, comps and refactoring are for anyway- to get the flunky ideas out and wipe the scummy layer off of those capable of shining. (And don’t forget that only 7/10 of your ideas truly suck. 2/10 are ok and 1/10 are really worth making. Your ideas are only 70% sucky. And YES, you are insanely creative.)

4. You ARE hardworking! How many times have I kicked your bum out of the studio / lab/ cubical and told you to go take a walk and get some food? Stop comparing yourself to people working 100 hour weeks, year in and out, who never see their spouse/kids/dead-plants. They are not hardworking. There are not that many truly unavoidable deadlines in a year. They are running from something.

5. Finally, it has been an honor to have worked with you. Seriously- an honor. Let’s do it again some time. Until then, I will name-drop you at professional events for my own benefit. You are THAT good.


(Confidential to K: I loved your postcard and am so proud to say I know you.)


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