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Typographic Motherlode!

Luc Devroye’s website can answer your typographic inquiry, any typographic inquiry. Typophiles, take Luc up on his offer and stop by for drinks at his place next time you are in Montreal. Be sure to buy.

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Free Typeface Editor / Convertor

Free yourself from stock faces and forge your own with FontForge. This handy utility is available for pretty much every platform and converts those nasty, evil true type fonts to opentype faces.

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Free Windows Font Management

This one is going out to all the Graphic Design students struggling to make their windows machines work.

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Time Wasters International, Inc.

Finally, I can waste my precious life on new and different sites of the same middling quality I’ve come to expect from the web!

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Why do fundies have all the fun?

If mainstream, protestant Christians are serious about reaching a younger, not-dying demographic, they need to get serious about design; seriously serious.

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