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Fruit & Veg, Meat, Dairy, Grain, _____tos & Dip

Forget the food pyramid. It’s time to bring back the four squares. Heck, make it hexagonal with the addition of the tos food group. (You know, Fritos, Doritos, Tostitos.)

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One more time: Work on your work, dammit.

Ira Glass is so right.

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Another Designer Job Posting Site

Another job site for creatives has come to my attention. I’ve thrown it in the resources section here. Happy job hunting!

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Now it all makes sense.

Apparently I missed the “Magic” tool last time I was in Illustrator. Thanks Chris for the tip.

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Captain Dreyfus on Devil’s Island with Photoshop

“But they don’t have to reconcile the contradictions in order to cope with reality. The contradictions are themselves the form that a reconciliation with reality takes.” -Adam Gropnik

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