Freelance For Fun & Profit


Download the handy guide: HERE!

This guide is a nice overview of how to freelance. Some legal documents are particular to Sacramento County in California but most everything is general tips and tricks of the trade.

I am not a lawyer, business consultant, member of the SBA or in any conceiveable way qualified to offer advice on business, contracts or law. Do not trust me. I offer no implied warranties or expertise. The information provided in the handy guide above is personal opinion. Be sure to contact your local county and/or city clerk, state taxation authority, business lawyer, cpa and all applicable laws before freelancing. Got it? Good.

This downloadable file is offered as a helpful guide under the Creative Commons copyright license (cc by-nc-sa). You may copy, reuse, reprint or edit this guide to serve your purposes for any non-commercial use but you must in turn share alike. (You can’t sell any derivative media or pages as templates but you may post them freely.) Many students begin their freelancing careers without even a clue about what to charge and how to get a business license. Above is my show and tell.

Here are some other forms & resources that may be helpful. No guarantees about these being up to date or legal. Um, kay? Ok.

Business and Legal Forms for Graphic … – Google Books

Business License Application

Fictitious Business Name Statement

Fictitious Business Name Abandonment

Fictitious Business Name Withdrawal

Affidavit Of Business Closure

Be sure to check out the How To Write a Contract page for more helpful advice!