Build A Web Page


The tutorial here and attached as a pdf screen print is perfect for learning how to turn your photoshop comp into code. The instructions are easy! The structure is clean! You will love it! Thanks to Josh D. for this tip!

If you want to learn more, check out W3Schools free certification courses. They are excellent!  If you are in a degree program you might consider taking the W3 courses and then “challenging” the more expensive courses at your school. (”Challenging a course” means that you already know the topic and want to be passed out of the course without doing the work. Usually you have to take a test or show a project to prove you know your stuff. Public colleges will often allow you to do this for free. Private colleges will usually charge an administrative fee of $75-$200.) Challenging courses allow you to graduate more quickly and for less money. W3 is an excellent way to learn web skills for free. Check it out.

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