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November 25th, 2009
made with love: horse ribbons

After last week’s “living in” post on my childhood favorite movie National Velvet, I’ve been in horse mode. Homemade horse ribbons make perfect party favors, stocking stuffers or little surprises for the prize winners in your life. Bonus- they are great for using up an extra ribbon stash. –amy m.

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What you’ll need:

– several yards of ribbon in varying widths, I used about a 1 ¼ yards max. of each

– fast drying craft glue

– large button

– card stock

– scissors

– stapler

– iron

– corkboard and pins (optional)

1. After cutting a circle out of card stock for the backing, take a yard or so of ribbon and start to pleat it so that it makes a circular shape. This can be tricky, so I worked on top of a corkboard and pinned each pleat down as I worked. Gently steam with iron so the pleats remain when pins are removed.


2. Staple your pleated ribbon around the edge of you backing to secure in place. Hide your raw edge behind the fold of your first pleat.


3. Repeat with narrower ribbon for inner ring if desired.

4. Cover a large button with ribbon using craft glue on the back and glue to center.

5. Cut and glue down ribbon tails to the back.

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