jQuery BlockUI Versioning Fix

Did you get jammed with some code that doesn’t know that 10 > 2, too?  (2, too… ha ha ha) Here’s the fix…

1) Find the file called “jquery.blockUI.js” or similar on your server

2) Now go looking for code that is testing a version ^1.1/. It will probably look something like this:

if (/1\.(0|1|2)\.(0|1|2)/.test($.fn.jquery) || /^1.1/.test($.fn.jquery)) {

3) Give that little version comparison an extra 0.0 so it reads ^1.10.0/. In this example it will look like this:

if (/1\.(0|1|2)\.(0|1|2)/.test($.fn.jquery) || /^1.10.0/.test($.fn.jquery)) {



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