Cogent Design Philosophy in Three Easy Branches

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Philosophic types maintain that there are three branches of inquiry not including your questions regarding your neighbor’s sexual orientation. (And that isn’t your business anyway.)

  • metaphysics: What is the nature of reality? (includes ontology & cosmology)
  • epistemology: What is the nature of knowledge?
  • axiology: What is the nature of values? (includes ethics & aesthetics)
Real world examples:

Graphic Design Movement Style:

  • metaphysics: What are the characteristics of this movement? How is this movement associated with other trends? In what ways are divisions between this movement and other styles arbitrary and/or helpful?
  • epistemology: Why do we perceive this movement as functioning in a certain way?
  • axiology: Why do value or degrade this movement? What is the basis of your opinion?

Design Examples:

  • metaphysics:
    • ontology: Is the design of [Paula Scher / Nicolas Jenson / Ben Lovejoy / You] implied by the existence of the universe?
    • cosmology: Why does the [Kyle Cooper’s typography / any discipline / movement / maker] even exist?
  • epistemology: What does “postmodern design” mean?
  • axiology:
    • ethics: Is it immoral to create designs with degraded typography?
    • aesthetics: Why does the work of [Kyle Cooper / Wolfgang Weingart / Whoever] look so ugly? Is it my own cultural bias?

Velveteen Rabbit Examples: (much, much worse)

  • metaphysics: What is real? Is decrepitude requisite?
  • epistemology: How does one know if they are real?
  • axiology: Why to we value becoming real when it implies death?
For bonus points, tie Velveteen Rabbit and Graphic Design philosophies together in your next paper. There, wasn’t that easy?

A typographic, designological, visulicious extravaganza!

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