Elaine Stritch, RIP


February 2, 1925 – July 17, 2014

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Mozilla JPEG Encoding


Ok, so this link is a Mozilla press release, but it looks interesting and promises to crank more space out of your images. Check it out: here. BYW, don’t you love that this is one big link? Me too.

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Running on Empty?


There’s a badge for that. And underwater basket weaving too…


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Build A Compiler


This file contains all of the installments of Jack Crenshaw’s tutorial on compiler construction, including the new Installment 15. The intended audience is those folks who are not computer scientists, but who enjoy computing and have always wanted to know how compilers work. A lot of compiler theory has been left out, but the practical issues are covered. By the time you have completed the series, you should be able to design and build your own working compiler. It will not be the world’s best, nor will it put out incredibly tight code.Your product will probably never put [anybody] out of business. But it will work, and it will be yours.

This tutorial is ancient, but is still a fun romp, especially for a beginner: Build A Compiler Download

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BASH Alias!


Here’s how:
alias name=value

For example:
alias rs='rails server'
alias xproject='cd /path/dir/dir/dir/dir/dir/dev/xproject'
alias alias_name='your choice of BASH command'

Want to get rid of that alias? Here’s how:
unalias name

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