“Typeface” is to “Font” as “Motherhood is to “Yo’ Mama”

Fonts and typefaces are not the same thing. The word “typeface” refers to the design of a set of letterforms. The word “font” refers to the digital files used to set the typeface. You might think of this as general class v specific application.

Some useful analogies:

(Typeface) is to (font) as:

  • (1960s ranch house style) is to (the 1960s ranch house cum meth labĀ  across the street).
  • (the Herman Miller Aeron Chair) is to (yo’ mama’s Herman Miller Aeron Chair).
  • (lovely locks of Chilean-American hair) is to (Tom Araya’s tresses).
  • (Miracle Grow formula) is to (the liquid in the jar in the back cupboard marked “poison – plant food” covered with Mr. Yuck stickers).
  • (threat of bodily harm) is to (the tangerine left on your desk showing how your face could be ripped off).

Is that clear now? Good! Now go take an SAT, GRE, ASVAB, LSAT or something.


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