Teach a child compassion in five E-Z steps.

This is a repost for a friend. Ofazomi is happy to shill for your worthy event as well!

Teach a child compassion in five e-z steps.

1a. Decide that compassion, children and ethical instruction are foolhardy and overrated misadventures. Donate cash online.

= or =

1b. Bring a new, unwrapped toy, preferably purchased from the Ofazomi.org store to the Toys-For-Tots event shown below.

2. Bring some children, preferably with the permission of their legal guardian.

3. Drop off the unwrapped toy in the Toys-For-Tots box.

4. Watch the afore mentioned children wear themselves out in the bounce house and fill their bodies with fistfulls of free popcorn.

5. Leave knowing you have shown these small people that the gift is in the giving. Your job of moral and ethical instruction of the next generation is complete.

It’s a win-win-win… win-win.

If you are in the Phoenix/Glendale area, please attend this free Toys-For-Tots event, let others know about this event using the link below or post this fax-able poster at your local nursery school, place of worship, or pediatrician’s office. You can learn more about Toys-For-Tots: here.

Toys-For-Tots Holiday Festival
Saturday, December 11th; 11:30am – 3:30pm
Brittany Square; 6666 West Peoria, Glendale AZ
Bounce House + Popcorn = Free Family Fun
Bring an unwrapped toy for a needy child!


A wild spotting of the elusive Toyusfortotus Phobiawhitusspacus has occured!

(thanks Sonny!)


A typographic, designological, visulicious extravaganza!

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