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"Solitude" by Kim Daehyun

Feeling out of your depth on a project? The illustrations of of Korean artist Kim Daehyun are excellent inspiration for projects that hinge upon iconographic presentation of the ephemeral. You know the project… the client says something like: “We want the book jacket to represent the main character. He’s someone just learning to understand the meaning of family bonds and the cycle of life after the accidental death of his son. But don’t make it too sad, definately inspirational and kinda showing spirituality without being overtly religious. Oh- and we want images of masculinity but no photos. Really, lots of picture. Not too much type. It has to have at least one person on it- at least one. But don’t show any particular race or age. It’s more of a universal learning lessons kinda book.” Um, ok. I’ll get right on that. Sheesh! Beyond creative fodder for your next tough brainstorming session, Daehyun’s drawings are humorous as well. Check out “Solitude” above. To see others click on the drawing section of The titles are key to understanding the elegance of each visual solution. The simplified forms and markered means reveal concepts of incredible complexity. Well done.

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