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You love it. I love it. And you know what… it’s not cheating to love it just as much as web. They’re different and lovely in their own, special ways. Here is a small letterpress primer with images from the fine folks as Comsoneny.com. Be sure to check them out as well as BriarPress.org

Heidelberg Windmill

Letterpress printing is a form of relief printing in which the raised surface of a material such as a plate is inked and then pressed into paper or other receptive material to obtain a positive image. First used in China a millennium ago, with both print blocks and movable types, this printing method is very popular with artists. Its ability to produce a deep impressed print, made possible by high pressure machine and fine photopolymer plates, are attracting the sophisticated who wants a give a distinct gesture to friends, relatives and guests in the form of wedding cards, note cards, name cards, invitation cards or reminders for memorable occasions. Our select cotton based papers such as Crane’s and Strathmore is a perfect match for our letterpress printing. Together, they harmoniously create a graceful and elegant print product that will leave a lasting impression. For a more modern look, we also offer a variety of metallic color, textured and recycled papers.

Letterpress printing consists of four basic components: the Letterpress Machine, the Plate, the Ink, and the Paper Stock. Ink is applied onto the machine and is picked up by the rollers, which slowly even out the ink’s flow through adjustments of their pressure and speed. The ink ends up onto two final rollers that transfer itself onto a strong polymer plate, which is adhered to a flat metal block. The inked image will impresses itself into the receiving paper stock through the strong claming movement of both the metal block and the paper block.

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