Studios: UnderGround and Union Graphics

UnderGround / UG Alumni 1981-Present
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Dana Adams  /  HDR
Design, 2004-2005

Loni Adams
Business, 2006-2007

Brandin Aguayo  /  Crystal Engineering
Design, 2003-2005

Chris Arth / Parliament Design
Design, 2005-2007

Amanda Aschenbrenner
Design, 2010-

Lindsay Baldwin
Business, 2004-2005

Brad Bodenham / Createbad
Design, 2006-2009

Kortni Bottini / Capra Designs
Design, 2008-2009

Lindsay Chedester
Design, 2008-2009

Mario Correa / Mario Correa Design
Design, 2007-2009

Amber CummingsBizPeo S.A.
Design, Lead 2004-2006

Josh Dempsey
Design, 2008-2010

Teresa Diehl / Anthem Worldwide
Design, Lead 2006-2007

Alexa Freese  /  Bare Escentuals
Design, 2005-2006

Natalie Gieck / Retail West
Design, 2006-2007

Hunter Hackett
Design, 2008-

Katelyn Hampton
Design, Lead 2008-

Will Hartshorne / State Street Financial
Business, 2006-2008

Caleb Klungtvet
Design, 2006-2007

Savanaha Lamp
Design, Lead, 2007-2009

Cassandra Lindberg / Mercy Health Systems
Design, 2006-2007

Stefanie Loop
Business, 2005-2006

Holly McGarr
Design, 2005-2006

Nate Milhous / Trumpette
Design, Lead, 2007-2008

Kristin Myers
Design, 2003-2004

Katrina Nelson
Design, 2006-2009

Phyllis Orzalli
Design, 2008-2009

Nick Ostini / LaCie
Design, 2006-2007

Michelle Palmer  /  Graphic Fox
Design, 2006-2007

Nikki Pollock Erickson / Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Design, 2005-2006

James Pope / James Pope Graphic Design
Design, 2008-2009

Luke Ragno
Design, 2006-2007

Martin Ramirez
Business, 2008-2010

Antonio Rivera / Ernest & Julio Gallo
Design, Lead, Art Director 2005-2007

Brandi Schwartz
Design, 2009-2010

Ashley Thorpe  /  Williams Sonoma
Design, 2006

Ricky Villagomez
Design, 2006-2007

Holly Voget
Design, 2004-2005

Allison Werner / Werner Design
Design, 2008-2009

Billy Wilson
Design, 2006-2007