Courses: Workshop Attendees and Portfolio Classes

Workshop Attendees and Portfolio Classes
What can I expect to get out of Portfolio Workshop?
Folks from multiple disciplines, different levels of education and various technical skill levels are represented by the samples below. This is a taste of what you might get out of one of these workshops or classes. Essentially, paid whip crackers will harass you into pulling together your creative work and creating both web and printed portfolios.

Fashion Design / Fashion Marketing

Emma Sanabria, 2010

Melissa Dougan, 2010

Dailee Nishio, 2010

Sandy Vang, 2010

Melissa Wanty, 2010

Graphic Design

Allison Mellomida, 2010

Rose Walsh, 2010

Brad Bodenham , 2009

Kortni Bottini, 2009

Mario Correa, 2009

Nate Milhous, 2009

Interior Design

Lisette Maysonet, 2010