Write Better Ruby

WhysPoignantGuideToRubyHello All. Below are a few random tips you may enjoy as you begin your Ruby coding journey.

Ruby Tutorials

These books /tutorials will help you immensely.

“Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby”

Hill-air-ee-us. If you are me, you will love it.


Chris Pine’s “Learn to Program”

If you are not me, this may be a better bet to get you started. Still funny, but not off the wall. Solid.


Other Comprehensive Tutorials

Anything here is not specifically Ruby but a clear and complete tutorial worth doing.

Command Line Crash Course

This is a total necessity if you haven’t coded before.


Information / API / Style Guides

Look at chue coding! You will probably get stuck occasionally. These will help.

(gimme a couple of days)


Other Stuff

Related things, stuff and whatever.


Share your code and take a look under the hood at other people’s code.


Create a Web Server in Ruby

This is a tutorial but seems like it ought to live here. And so it does.


Working with Files in Ruby



Deleting All At Once Gems

It was so easy to load them as you went along. How do you strip them out?



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