Subversion – Un Add Pre-Commit

Subversion. It’s not Git. And now you need to use it and you accidentally added something you didnt mean to but you caught yourself before commit, right? Right? There’s a fix for that. Here is a tasty bit of BASH from Krishnan Cheanni. Read more at his blog: here.

Remove file from Subversion after svn add, but before svn commit

If you do not want to add a certain file to your subversion repository, but it is already marked to be committed (by an already issued  svn add command) you can just type:

svn revert file.ext

to undo the add command.

If you remember to do it before the corresponding svn commit, doing this helps keeping the repository to a decent size. If you already commited the changes, you can remove it using svn delete (and an extra –force argument, if needed), but the space is wasted.


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