Tilt Shift: Makes the Real Look Unreal

(SpeckyBoy has some nice examples of tilt shift photos up on their site. A few are here as well as some links. Go read the whole thing.)

Tilt shift photography makes real life look like a model train set. This is best done with a specific lens with a shot taken at high angle but can also be faked to some extent in Photoshop or online at tiltshiftmaker.com.

How to Create Real Life Tilt Shift Images

In order to add a good miniature effect to your photos, you need to take photographs from a high angle, possibly from the air. Taking pictures from a high angle create the illusion as if you are looking down at a miniature subject. You will need a camera with a tilt-shift lens as this stimulates a shallow depth of field.

Here are some guides to help you:

How to Make Fake Tilt-Shift Photos

Just in case you do not have a camera with a tilt-shift lens (it is an expensive piece of kit after all), then you can use these Photoshop tutorials to give your photographs the miniature tilt-shift look. you can see above. Here they are:

(Go read the whole thing.)


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