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Differences Between Android and iPhone Development

January 26th, 2010 in Blog

Google Android and Apple iPhone are currently battling out for market share. Data for December is now out. For developers, there are quite a bit of differences between iPhone and Android development. Deciding whether to choose one or do both?

iPhone Android
Fees $99 Yearly $25 One-time
Profit Cuts 30% 30%
Development Language and Environment Objective-C, Cocoa Touch Java, Java EE
Development Tools XCode with DashCode, Interface Builder and iPhone Simulator Eclipse with Android SDK Plug-in
Carrier/Network AT&T Verizon and T-Mobile
Current Version 3.1.2 2.1.0
Review Time Approximately 2 weeks. Open
Conference Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Google I/O
Current Market Share (North America) 54% 27%

Lastly, Analysts at Gartner seem to believe that Android will overtake the iPhone in 2012.


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