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Wondering what “graphic design superstars” think about design? Check out Will Sherwood’s blog here. It’s full of kernals of goodness that will astound and delight. A smattering of images and quotes are below. Check out the original site though. It’s worth a looksie.

If you pay attention, the client nearly always gives you the solution. -Jennifer Morla

Learn early on to put disappointments behind you. Focus on the work at hand, and whatever the disappointment happens to be, put it into short-term memory. -Stan Richards

First figure out what you do well. Then, stick to that and hire people to do the other things. -Margo Chase

What does it take to succeed? … I have to admit that I truly don’t know. -Milton Glaser

Never work alone. It’s essential to be in some sort of collaboration or partnership with someone. Cultivating a creative environment is essential. -Carin Goldberg

Embrace the people you work with and the people you work for.  I think they will be your friends for life. Build relationships that are meaningful.

Make sure that you practice your career on the basis of the things you love and that bring joy to your life.

Whatever you do now, websites, logos, I don’t care what you do.  Those things are just professional tracks that wiggle around in time, but the above two things will always be there. -Agustin Garza


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