Publishing Is Dead.

In the next twenty years the very idea of the book will change radically. Look for interactive ebooks that link associatively to other things you have read, historical references, cinematic backdrops and quoted lines. “Reading” is about to become a less linear, more interactive¬†affair for the reader. Who knows what kind of writing will emerge out of this technology. The political and cultural implications of innovation can hardly be concieved.

What a great time to start a magazine or small press! Seriously. New print-on-demand technologies allow one to both wet your feet and whet the appetite of potential readers with little capital outlay! Yes, the¬†technology is changing “everything.” Unfortunately “everything” doesn’t include the approximately 2 billion people in the world without access to clean drinking water, electricity and basic literacy skills. Print is cheap, portable and accessable to the billions on the planet who are being left behind, but not exactly out of this great change. People still need print. You are just the person to design it. and are two of hundreds of on-demand printers that can be found on the internet right now. Check it out and get going.


A typographic, designological, visulicious extravaganza!

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