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Your Screen Lies.

You can soft-calibrate your Mac OSX computer’s monitor color without fancy gizmos or excessive cost. But wait! There’s more! Once you see just how little your screen represents printed reality you will come to the realization that, like a philandering politician, your screen lies.

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How to Write a Resume

Ok everybody, just chill. This isn’t rocket science. For your field it’s not even the biggest deal. Your portfolio is much bigger. Ok, ok, chill, chill, chill some more. We’ll get to that too.

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Which Design Program? Which Design School?

The way you pursue your art and design education will affect the technique, maturation and substance of your work.

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ID Badge + Transcript = CS4 for 85% off

You DO NOT need the latest edition of the Creative Suite, especially as a student when you are learning the basics. Being one version behind the curve is totally acceptable. CS5 launches 04-12-10. Buy CS4 now for a discount.

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Auspicious Occasion!

Fresh content about every 2.4 days!

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