Designing type is like driving a car…

TypeWorkshop’s Type Basics are indeed 100% practical. Check out the sample below describing the importance of fluent shapes in construction of curves. This fantastic site is multi-lingual, beautifully illustrated and an excellent primer. Aspiring type designers should take a look before plunging into deep waters.


Fluent shapes. Designing type is like driving a car. If you drive a car, you always take the curve in a natural way. If you draw a curve (of a character) on paper, this is exactly the same. The curve starts smoothly, never out of a sudden. While driving a car, you don’t start turning the wheel when you are already in the beginning of the curve. A while before you arrive in the curve you anticipate by leading your car gently in the right direction. Think about driving a car when you are sketching type on a paper.


A typographic, designological, visulicious extravaganza!

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  1. This is very cool. Thanks!