We’re going on a bear hunt! We’re not afraid!


How often have you fought internally over your decision to become a graphic designer instead of park ranger?

  • Where is the adventure?!
  • Where are the wild animals?!
  • Where could I be woefully underpaid this very moment instead of being here staring at a screen?!
  • Why can’t I wear a snappy uniform without attracting odd comments?!

Let your soul be torn asunder no longer!

Option 1:

The National Park Service has volunteer opportunities for graphic design interns! A current, rolling opportunity exists for a New Media Designer at Golden Gate Recreational Area in San Francisco. Check here for more information! Think of the adventure, the wild nightlife, the high cost of living in SF for a semester and, of course, the fabulous uniform!

Option 2:

Alternately, you might procure (cardboard)¬†moose head for your wall. It’s a similar amalgamation of designer / outdoors(wo)man. The bonus is you skip out an all the hard work of an internship. The downside is you miss a year of moose steaks but as a regular reader you know where the lazy can procure wild game meat, anyway.


A typographic, designological, visulicious extravaganza!

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