Hanukkah Halftime

credit: marissaneave.com

credit: marissaneave.com

  1. You’re a designer.
  2. The name Robert Indiana rings a bell.  (Think back to Art History II.)
  3. You still have some more junky, overpriced trinkets to buy in order to symbolize your dedication to both God and Mannon.
  4. Have we got a deal for you!

Just in time for a late, after-thought of a gift is this fabulous Ahava Peas water bottle. Peas and love were never so easy to purchase! Check this and many other (five?) fabulous designs at our CafePress Store. Added bonus: Theocrats, anti-civil libertarians, and Muslim-hating, Abrahamic fundamentalists: rejoice! This Swiss made bottle supports the same folks that outlawed the building of mosque minarets,  and got around to women’s suffrage in 1971. Did I mention Nazi money laundering? And let’s not kid ourselves that you’re saving the planet. Drinking fountains abound. Now go do the right thing, take on the day and buy our stuff!

Ahava Peas 1


A typographic, designological, visulicious extravaganza!

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One comment on “Hanukkah Halftime
  1. megen says:

    robert indiana gave me insperation to draw a 3d picture of his love sculpture for valintines day