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Don’t Google Pre-Press Terms

“Trap Spread Choke” is not a phase to type into google image search. I googled these terms so you wouldn’t have to. Donations are gratefully accepted via PayPal.

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Bob Ross.

You never forget your first painting teacher.

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Get a haircut…

RitaSue Siegel’s Get a Design Job is yours free! Originally written for Innovation, the Industrial Designers Society of America member rag, Seigel offers advice for everybody hankering for that elusive design job that will move their terribly lucrative career forward.

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Wow! This is a demo post!

This one is going out to you, Patricia!

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…But I Tutorialize

Are you rapidly nearing your sell-by date without a full time position? Want to inject some freshness into a portfolio of inhouse projects? The free tutorials at Computer Arts magazine can’t be beat.

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